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We have grown from strength to strength and established ourselves as a leader in business software solutions for small and medium size enterprise (SMEs).We have built our success on understanding and meeting the needs of customers in respective local markets.Providing a range of high quality products and services which are relevant to our customers,our purpose is to help our customers run their business activities and providing them with lasting benefits by automating their business processes with trusted local support.

Sage UBS Accounting + Billing Software

UBS Accounting + Billing is the first step to a computerized business. With more than 180,000 installations in Malaysia , we are now a household brand among Small Medium Businesses (SMBs). Many institutions of higher learning prefer UBS Computerised system as part of their course as it is simple to use and has comprehensive reports. The universities, colleges and private schools have incorporated the UBS Certificate course as part of their curriculum. Features provided in the system enable companies to work easier and more efficiently.

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Sage UBS Inventory & Billing Software

UBS Inventory & Billing makes stock control easier by putting the control back into your hands. It provides you with the flexibility to handle all types of inventory transactions and have instant updates and inventory status at your finger tips.


UBS Inventory & Billing performs as an invoicing system whereby you can print invoices and delivery orders. Over the years the system has been improved based on customer feedback. A simple and yet powerful Bill of Material module is also available.

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Sage UBS Payroll Software

UBS Payroll is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their personnel more effectively and effeiciently. The templates also to save your records in an orderly manner according to statutory, as well as your organization requirements. This will increase your efficiency and productivity in dealing with resource and payroll issues.

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Sage UBS POS Plus Software

Sage POS 2013 is one of the ¬first local products to be integrated directly to Electronic Credit Card Terminals (ECCT), therefore sales transactions involving credit and / or debit cards can be processed quickly thus saving time and reducing errors. Sage POS 2013 makes it easy to monitor credit card sales and daily financial returns, leaving you more time to serve your customer and improve sales.


SAGE UBS Building Services Maintenance

The essential property management tool, saves time, cost, labour and promote accuracy in a paperless office environment.


Sage UBS Time Attendance

UBS Time Attendance System is designed for to keep track of employee attendance and provide management with details of employee's working hours, their overtime hours, colleges construction companies and factory with different time and shift.The system is suitable for all types of businesses. It is user-friendly with user definable overtime and allowance computation and it also provides exception reports.